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Kind words from the good folk that I have been able to collaborate with over the years


"What immediately struck me upon meeting this young musician was his deep understanding of and profound esteem for music tradition mingled with an openness to explore contemporary developments in the art form. 


In both his personal demeanor and improvisatory approach, Ben displays a maturity and originality rare among his peers.  Whether I’m performing with him or conversing about a myriad of topics, Ben radiates the kind of respect, humor, leadership ability, team spirit, and humility found in the most exceptional of my colleagues."

- Craig Buhler, international jazz artist, educator, and author of “New Ears Resolution

"There's an infectious joy when Ben performs.  You can feel it deep in your soul.  Then in your toes and fingers.  And, before you know it, you're swing dancing with your whole being, even if you're still sitting down.  His sound, whether on reeds or in vocals, has a smooth maturity that will delight you.  Being part of the musicking Ben generates, whether with a duo, a small ensemble, or a big band, nourishes you to flourish in ways that bless this world." 

-Rev. Dr. Brian Fraser 


"Ben MacRae is a passionate and hard working young musician who is making a difference by creating community and developing opportunities for his peers, within the Vancouver music scene."

-Jill Townsend


"Our 10 year old daughter started clarinet lessons with Ben over the summer.  She's never played before, and half a dozen lessons later, she is already learning to read music.

Ben is engaging, fun and very professional in his teaching.  He sees the potential in children, and honed in quickly on how to teach our daughter (who has autism).

He has instilled in her good practice skills, and praises her with reinforcement and respect."

- Christine & student Grace 

"Ben has been my teacher for a 

number of years and has helped

fill in the gaps in my musical

learning experience on the 

saxophone and clarinet.  His

devotion and perseverance has

enhanced my playing enjoyment

and confidence."

- Charlaine B. Ed. (senior student)

"Ben is a fantastic teacher.  He is dedicated both to his students and the art of music making, creating a welcoming atmosphere with a great balance of fun and learning."

 - Jessica Crawford, L&M North Vancouver Lesson Centre Co-Ordinator 

An excellent video made by clarinet student Grace Barnsley that shows how she views a lesson with Ben, made in the Fall of October 2020. Thanks so much for your talent, creativity, and beautiful spirit Grace and for allowing me to share it with all who may view it! 

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